Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Lets end this horrible malady

I have some friends who work at a company that publishes science journals. They run across some interesting articles every now and then. The following conversation occurred recently on IRC.

<Chad> what malady do you think this is in reference to:
<Chad> ... By offering such a highly effective form of birth control freely to
men who, by clinical diagnosis, have been deemed genetically inferior
to the normalized median of homo sapien development, such a gene line
would effectively be eliminated. ...
<SleepyOne> I have no idea
<Ruzty> small penis?
<Chad> obesity
<Chad> http://www.pnmj.org/0032205_curing_obesity.asp
<Ruzty> fat people aren't allowed to procreate anymore?
<Ruzty> what will all the chubby chaser chicks do for kicks?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hoppy Easter

Just a bit of pre-Easter fun for you. This is very child and work safe, oh and it brings teh FUNNAY!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Extreme Bugs Bunny

Warning, this Flash animation is NSFW or small children. That said:

I watched the flash mocking the new Extreme Bugs Bunny and felt real old. Though it is an exaggeration, the first thought I had was "What are they showing to kids these days?". My son regularly tells me when fighting shows come on so I can change the channel. But, eventually the kids will start watching more violent, explicit or extreme TV without our knowledge.

Now I know how my parents felt when The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas came on TV and my parents asked me "Do you know what a whorehouse is?" with nervous anticipation. When my little brother said he didn't know they sent him to bed. When I said "It's where women sell sex." I still didn't get to stay up and watch the movie but my mother gave me a nervous "it's bad" talk before I was sent upstairs as well.

How soon am I going to be in that same situation, eh?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Where has my motivation gone?

I have so many things I need to do and not one bit of desire or energy to do them. Usually I can find a task and focus, often to excess, on it. Lately I have been trudging through. I get my schoolwork done and scrape by doing enough work to keep out of trouble. But, none of the projects I have are getting any attention. I haven't even done those goofy restaurant reviews from our last vacation that I promised y'all.

Coffee doesn't help. Spring is here and days are getting longer, but the extra sunlight isn't helping. Yes, I do have a window in my cube that I keep the blinds open on. I don't think it's physical or psychological. It's a cyclical boredom issue.

I used to get extremely bored or frustrated with my job every 2 years or so. I would change jobs or companies and start fresh. Sometimes it was by choice, sometimes it was forced (the company went under in 2 cases). This seemed to get me on track to restart the cycle and move my life forward. The motivation would return in combination with the life change. Now I have a GOOD job and no reason to leave other than being bored out of my mind. Plus, financially it would be selfish and stupid for me to leave.

So, I need to figure out a way to rediscover my motivation.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Helping fight the spammers of Online Poker, Viagra, Mortgages and Debt

So, you can probably ignore this post. But if you're curious we're trying to put legit pages at the top of oogleGay's agepay ankingsray by linking to them with keywords.

So, when I want Online Poker I check WikiPedia. Then, if I want to be up and hard while playing I might take some Viagra. Of course I will lose lots of money and need to mortgage my house to pay off my tremendous debt

Thank you for helping bring down the spammers one nick at a time.