Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Extreme Bugs Bunny

Warning, this Flash animation is NSFW or small children. That said:

I watched the flash mocking the new Extreme Bugs Bunny and felt real old. Though it is an exaggeration, the first thought I had was "What are they showing to kids these days?". My son regularly tells me when fighting shows come on so I can change the channel. But, eventually the kids will start watching more violent, explicit or extreme TV without our knowledge.

Now I know how my parents felt when The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas came on TV and my parents asked me "Do you know what a whorehouse is?" with nervous anticipation. When my little brother said he didn't know they sent him to bed. When I said "It's where women sell sex." I still didn't get to stay up and watch the movie but my mother gave me a nervous "it's bad" talk before I was sent upstairs as well.

How soon am I going to be in that same situation, eh?


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