Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurt my back

I got some new furniture for my den. One of the items is a nice big wood desk with a return. Two of us moved it into the room in 2 pieces. We placed it where I thought it shoudl go and I screwed it together. Later that day, while my wife and kids were out, I began putting my computers and stuff on the desk. After a bit I realized that power and network jacks were not going to work out well from that direction and the desk needed to be rotated 90 degrees. So, what does stupid me do? Yep, moved the thing myself. I didn't lift with my back, just my legs and arms. Or so I thought...

For the past two and a half weeks there has been a pain in the muscles along my spine right at the tips of my shoulder blades. It hurts more on the right side than the left. I went to the doctor for something else (a virus that was making me feel woogie) and asked him to check my back. He said I pulled a muscle that is slow to heal because you use it frequently. Now whenever I lift my arms up it hurts. Carrying the baby hurts. Even walking hurts. I start the day in good shape and am in throbbing pain by the end of the day. I wish I had time I could take off work just to flop and rest the muscles until it heals.

I have learned yet another painful lesson. But, don't feel bad for me. Just laugh and mutter "dumbass" under your breath. :-)


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