Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Lets end this horrible malady

I have some friends who work at a company that publishes science journals. They run across some interesting articles every now and then. The following conversation occurred recently on IRC.

<Chad> what malady do you think this is in reference to:
<Chad> ... By offering such a highly effective form of birth control freely to
men who, by clinical diagnosis, have been deemed genetically inferior
to the normalized median of homo sapien development, such a gene line
would effectively be eliminated. ...
<SleepyOne> I have no idea
<Ruzty> small penis?
<Chad> obesity
<Chad> http://www.pnmj.org/0032205_curing_obesity.asp
<Ruzty> fat people aren't allowed to procreate anymore?
<Ruzty> what will all the chubby chaser chicks do for kicks?


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