Thursday, October 25, 2007

No WoW: Day 1

I sort of cheated, I logged on for about 1 hour to say "goodbye" to everyone I played along side. Mostly my guild, a few friends and my arena team leader were who I chatted with. But, I did log off before the evening's raid started and my account expired about 6 hours later.

In the evening I managed to:
  • Put away leftovers from dinner
  • Take my son to and from Cub Scouts
  • Spend more time hugging and talking to my wife
  • Put away laundry my wife had folded
  • Lay out my clothes for work the next day so I wouldn't have to hunt for them at o'dark thirty
I was in bed by 10:00PM and asleep about 15 minutes later. I'm pretty sure it's the first weeknight I got more than 6 hours of sleep in a long time and it was a very pleasant change.

More tonight or tomorrow morning for Day 2. So far so good though.

No more WoW

Yesterday I cancelled my World of Warcraft account after playing for about 3 years. I decided that playing for several hours every night, as I was prone to do, was becoming detrimental to my personal life and family. To help remind me of that I've decided to keep track what I did instead of playing WoW on any particular day. This should help remind me of exactly what I have accomplished in what was previously "game time". I'm hoping that will be quite a bit.

I may go back to playing in the future, but definitely not every night. We'll see . . .