Friday, October 29, 2004

New Chinese place

I was home from work yesterday because the wife needed to do stuff she couldn't tkae the kids with her to do. It got late into lunch time and instead of making something we decided to get Chinese food at the new place 2 blocks down the main drag by our house. (I don't remeber the name, I'll edit it in here when I see the menu at home.)

The wife wanted her favorite sides, shrimp eggrolls, wonton soup and fried rice. She gave me a couple ideas for main dishes. I wanted something spicy as I usually do. Not having a menu I ordered when I got there. The place was so new you could still smell that it had recently been painted.

They had lunch specials on the back of the menu for $5.15 each. They came with chicken fried rice and an eggroll so that part was covered. None of the items had descriptions of which veges were in the main dishes. I'm not picky, but the wife hates bell peppers and onions (unless they're carmelized). So, I hoped for the best and got her the cashew chicken. I got the kung pao beef. Then I ordered her wonton soup and my hot and sour soup. The soups were $2.25 a piece which I think is a bit steep but I got them anyhow.

I took the food home and dove in as the kids were already eating their lunch. Mine had green and red bell peppers, water chestnuts, peanuts and a spicy brown sauce. The wife's had snow peapods, celery big cashews, a brown sauce and... big chunks of green bell pepper. She was a trooper and picked them out. So, what did we think?

The eggrolls had pork and shrimp in them and were very good. We like hot mustard on ours and theirs was in small plastic cups, not packets, and was VERY hot. The chicken fried rice actually had chicken and egg in it and not just broth. Thumbs up for that. The wife found the dumplings and pork strips you expect in good wonton soup, but the broth had almost no flavor. She salted it up with both table salt and soy sauce. The hot and sour was well balanced and all the expected ingredients were in it, though I like to see more of those and less broth.

Overall I give them a good rating as a lunch take-out place. I don't think we'll be eating dinner there though. We'll probably stick to our favorite Chinese buffet for that.

Everything came out in about 5 or 6 minutes nicely packaged


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