Monday, September 27, 2004

Web pages 101

I started my new class last week*. It's WEB410 which is supposed to be a hard course right? I mean all the 400 level courses are supposed to be difficult. But, this is HTML 101. So, as long as I actually participate and keep up with the rather simplistic assignments I should get my sorry self an 'A'.

It's weird. Some of the earlier classes in Project Management and group dynamics were way more difficult than my recent technical classes. I guess being technically inclined and having previous experience with the subject matter slants my perspective on what is easy and what isn't. I bet that the Java programming and Database concepts classes would be tough for someone without previous exposure to such things.


* I dropped out of college repeatedly when I was younger. First I joined the Army after completing only 18 credit hours of school. Then I attended about 2 and a half years of school on and off over the next 4 years earning about 30 viable credit hours. Life has me a bit more disciplined along with the need for a degree and I've polished off 36 credit hours over the past 2 years. I finish some time in the spring of 2006 at my current pace. Wish me perserverence.


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