Thursday, September 02, 2004

A productive day

I definitely sleep better after having sex. And I definitely have a more productive day at work after sleeping well. So, if you follow logic chains well...

I got a shitload of work done today. Between getting my stuff done and teaching a coworker a bunch of stuff she needed to learn, it was a darn good day.

Of course, I hope the energy lasts into this evening. I have quite a bit of work to get done at home tonight and wanting to veg on the couch isn't going to cut it. Must be confident. . .

I'm also super hungry. I didn't pack enough chow for lunch and ate it at like 11:30. So, by the time I get home I'll be famished. It doesn't help that I know what my wife is cooking for dinner and I've been craving Italian food for a while. Gh0d bless low carb pasta. I'd probably fall off the diet wagon into a lasagna without the stuff.


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