Saturday, September 18, 2004

Saturday morning with an itchy nose

It's bad enough that I have to work on a Saturday morning. I miss the kid's ballet and acting classes and can't do the chores that so badly need my attention. Plus, they start early on Saturdays here. Presumably it's to get done earlier and go home, but waking up earlier on a weekend than a weekday just sucks ass.

This morning was even yuckier for me. I went to bed early knowing I would have to get up early. But, the wife has the same cold except with a cough as I do. She kept me awake for an extra hour needing comforting and medication retrieval duties. When I finally got up in the morning my nose itched something horrible. It's been running and I've been blowing it all morning long. YUCK!

This afternoon is older daughter's 3rd birthday party. She actually turned 3 last Wednesday. but the party is today. She's going to a place where they dress the girls up as princesses and they have a tea party. Her older brother was very upset that he did not get to attend. I had to explain to him that he was not, nor ever would be, a princess. (Gh0d, I hope that lesson sticks... :)

The wife and I made the cutest things to give to her party guests instead of goody bags. She went to the Plano factory outlet (they make tackle boxes and stuff) and bought some small Kaboodles for each girl. Then she bought a bunch of cutesy stuff like roll on body glitter, cherry lip gloss, plastic play jewelry and other stuff little girls can safely play makeup with. We stuff some Disney Princess stickers on them and each girl is getting a stocked makeup case to take home with them. She got most of the stuff at a dollar store so it probably cost about $8 a girl. I think they'll love it!

Her party is at 4:00PM. I hope I get home from work in time to watch the boy and the baby so the wife can get older daughter to the party on time. Did I mention I HATE working on Saturdays?


Blogger Tasha said...

I read the part about the birthday party to Mar. She says it sounds like an awesome party. We're keeping it simple this year for her. She gets a small party at school anyway. Hope you feel better!

5:35 PM  
Blogger Jesse said...

Working on Saturday's really sucks. I know I hate when I have to do that. Always wears me out for the rest of the following week.

Little girls are scare me. I'm glad I have boys. Just give them something to break and/or blow up and they are happy :)

3:47 PM  

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