Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A weekend of sickness

Well, I called it last Friday. I got a doozie of a cold. Aching back, sore throat, cough, itchy eyes, runny nose and pleanty of sneezing. I called in sick to work on Monday, but the wife decided I was there to do chores for her and watch the kids so she could shop at the craft/scrapbooking stores. Needless to say, it was NOT restful. I went into work today all drugged up and am trying not to sneeze on my coworkers.

I did get to spend some time using my Mac over the weekend. The mother in law wanted prints of a bunch of digital pictures I'd taken. So, every piece of glossy photo paper I had was used to print 4-up 4"x5" pictures for her. St. Patrick's Day, the trip to the Chicago Museums campus, the zoo, the wedding the kids were in over the summer and my older daughter's first time dressed up in a leotard for ballet class. All that paper is gone and I'm not buying any more. The quality of the $0.25 per print images at the Walgreens are WAY better than the inkjet on photo paper I can print and only costs $0.04 more per print. Plus the store machine is faster. So, I'm not going to make photos at home anymore.


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