Monday, September 06, 2004

Rain on mowing days

This mornign was supposed to be "mow the lawn" morning. I blew the chore off in favor of other chores on Saturday and Sunday because the kids spent the night at their grandparents and I figured I'd have time this morning. Of course it poured at about 6:00AM and has been drizzling since. Can't mow a soaking wet lawn and I don't liek driving the tractor in a drizzle.

So, now it looks like I get to hurry through the chore Tuesday after work. Oooh, fun...

I did enjoy spending the morning with the baby though (no, she didn't go on the sleepover only the older 2). We bounced and played and ate Cheerios, well ok she did those things. I just facilitated. She's such a happy baby. Even when she bonked her forehead on the chair leg when she fell over from sitting up she was calm and happy again within 5 minutes. Oh course the wife gave me all kinds of dirty looks for "letting" the baby hurt herself. I guess she had to be angry at someone, right?


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