Thursday, October 21, 2004

Not eating out for a while

Well, it finally hit us. Our debt is just too damn high. So, we did a consolidation loan and had our credit card companies lower our limits by 70% on the 2 big cards. What does this mean for the Blog-O-Food? Mostly that we won't be eating out nearly as often and when we do it'll be cheap places like the Chinese Buffet or maybe MacDonalds. Those, of course, aren't worth talking about much.

I will thrill at the times when we get food bought for us at work and talk about those incessantly. I may even throw in some non-food related stuff too. But, until we don't owe more to unsecured credit than we owe on our car, we'll be cutting back quite a bit.

And, with my son having about $750 in upcoming dental work, it's only going to get worse before it gets better. Boy, I sure hope our bonuses at work are nice and big next February. I'm counting down. 4 months and 1 week until we find out what bonuses are going to be.


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