Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hangovers suck

Monday night I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Ravens/Chiefs game with a friend. He's having various personal problems and really needed a night out to just relax, have a few and forget about his troubles for a while.

We grabbed a table about 19:35, had our NTN terminals logged in within 5 minutes and had 23oz beers in front of us shortly after. He won some points on the trivia round. We decided to wait on ordering food for a little while as I had just finished dinner, a double cheeseburger with grilled onions and a side of greenbeans, with the family before I left.

The game started at 20:00 as scheduled and NTN got set up for QB1. In QB1 you guess at what the next play is going t0 be and get points for correct guesses. My friend is a pretty big football fan and guessed right about 60% of the time all night long. He finished in 5th place out of about 20 people playing QB1 that night. I finished a miserable 13th. The two guys at the top were right over 85% of the time. We suspect they had a portable radio and were getting a play call feed ahead of what came across on the TV over satellite, which NTN uses for its timing.

By half time we had our basket of 24 wings (mild, he's a wimp) and I had polished off 2 23oz beers and a long island iced tea. I was at that stage where you're drunk enough that your bottom lip feels tingly and kinda numb. I nursed one more 23oz'er through the secondhalf of the game. I also won the raffle on both of my tickets. I got my own 23oz beer glass with the Buffalo Wild Wings logo on it and a Bears helmet keychain. Woohoo! By the end of the game I was feeling pretty good.

(We will not discuss how I got home. Nothing happened, but I won't do that again.)

I went to bed and didn't get bed spins or anything, so I figured I would be fine the next day. Boy, was I wrong! I woke up with a full bladder and a mild headache. By the time I had finished showering I was nauseous and feeling dehydrated, my head was pounding. I drank a big glass of water and washed down a couple of tylenol. I got dressed and skipped packing a lunch as the thought of food made me gag. As I was walking to my car to drive to the train station I coughed. The cough caused a gag reaction. Before I could get across the front lawn to the car I was hurling. It was all tylenol flavored water and not irritating, but tasted sorta gross.

At this point I had to decide if I was going to go back into the house and call in sick to work or trudge on with my day. The hurling had stopped and I hopped into the car and headed for the train. I made it through the train ride by folding up my jacket and using it as a pillow against the window. With my eyes closed and head resting on it the rumbling and jostling of the train was tolerable.

I walked into work and one of the guys who sits by me said "You look like shit." I explained that I was hung over and he just nodded knowingly. He goes out drinking on weeknights at least a couple nights a week and comes into work hungover regularly.

By noon or so I was able to sip down a cup of coffee without feeling the urge to barf. By mid afternoon I had managed a few BBQ pork rinds and a can of diet soda. Finally, when I came home and the wife had bratwurst, sauerkraut and grilled vadalia onions cooking I was starved. I had recovered just in time to be pleasant to my family and do my homework without being a grouchy troll.

Next time I want to watch Monday night football and play a littel QB1 I think I'll be having a diet coke from the soda fountain and some HOT wings. The game might not be as fun without a good buzz, but I won't regret getting home or the next moring at all.


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