Friday, October 15, 2004

Late night at work and food

Tongiht I'll be working until 22:00 or 23:00 depending on when a certain file gets updated. I planned for the late night and didn't get into work until 11:45. But, you know what I am most concerned about?

That's right, FOOD!

Usually those stuck here late get together and a mangler pays for us to order from a food delivery service or a place that delivers. Tonight I think there won't be anyone here for dinner time coverage. I'll have to fend for myself. Now, I can expense dinner so cost isn't an issue. But, I have no idea where to order from.

I'll probably get either Indian or barbeque since I had Chinese last night. Oooh, or maybe a burrito? Can you tell I didn't eat a big enough lunch? The worst part is I'll probably shirk the effort required to actually order something and walk to the MacDonald's for a salad and chicken nuggets. Geeze, I'm the worst combination of lame and lazy. At least I've still got my will power to avoid stuff not on my diet. (Though I sure could eat a half pound of fudge right about now.)


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