Sunday, December 12, 2004

I hate Sarbanes-Oxley

Yes, Sarbanes-Oxley was drafted by consultants and/or consulting companies. They wrote the review and auditing portions of the law to assure themselves of billable hours every year on top of normal financial auditor work. This law imposes onerous requirements on my work and the work of many others basically under the guise of "No one can be trusted ever" and "We're going to charge you to make sure you don't trust anyone". The whole thing works under the premise that every person is complicit in illegal activities and a criminal and that they must constantly be watched over and have their work second guessed by multiple other people. It's a HUGE waste of manpower, extremely innefficeint and quite degrading to the people working under its guidelines.

But, I guess that's what happens when your country moves from being a free nation to a police state. Welcome to Germany 1938, "May I see your papers?"...

I am not a criminal nor would I even consider fraud or outright theft. My work is honest and efficeint. But, now the latter quality is impossible. I have so many external procedural compliance requirements that even copying a simple file requires 2 forms, 3 approvals and an auditable log which can take hours. It used to require about 10 seconds and typing in a copy command.



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