Monday, November 08, 2004

Got stuff and got stuff done

This was a great weekend. I didn't have any school as they screwed up my schedule and I decided not to play any games.

Saturday morning I took the older 2 kids to their ballet/tap and acting classes. It was my son's 5th birthday as well as his acting teacher's birthday. So, he brought her a card, some vanilla candles and a cupcake he had frosted and topped with a Scooby Doo candy himself. We left a bit early to drive too friggin far to a bowling alley for his party.

The wife got a fabulous deal on a bowling party for 10 kids on the radio shopping show, so I guess the longish drive was worth it. With 4 large pizzas, 4 pitchers of soda, 10 games of bowling with shoes and his own bowling pin for everyone to sign and him to take home; it was under $65. All the kids had a great time.

On the way home the wife let me stop at Fry's and try to find a deal on a DVD burner and firewire case for it. I got a Sony 530A 8X DVD+-R and some generic external firewire case for $125. Everything seems to work with my PC and my Mac, though I need to get a copy of Toast 6 for the Mac to properly burn movies out of iMovie as Dragon Burn makes me convert everything to MPEG and make my own VIDEO_TS folders without a TOC. The VCDs and SVCDs I've burned so far work OK, but they won't play in our crappy old GE DVD set-top player. I'm going to buy a 25 pack of Maxell DVD-R blanks on the way home tonight and burn my first real DVD tonight. I need to install the drive internally to the PC some time soon so I can flash the firmware up to the 8X DVD-R speed though.

I think now that my set-up is complete I'll stop playing games with my free time and start making home movies on DVD. I have the camera, the DV encoder, the software and the burner. It should be quite a bit of fun. Maybe I can help my Dad get his old Super8 film onto a digital medium for preservation.


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