Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Let it snow over the phone

It started snowing at about 12:25 today. I called home to see how the weather was and my son answered the phone. I did not get a "Hello" but instead got an "Oh my gosh look at all the snow!". I guess grabbing the phone had put his eyes looking out the back door of the house and seeing the snowfallf or the first time. Now, this would not have been a big deal, except the boy has NEVER answered the phone himself that I know of.

So, I ask him "Where is Mommy?". "She's taking a shower", he responds. We spent the rest of the call talking about his plans to get dressed up and go out to play in the white stuff he described as accumulating in the back yard.

I am hopping on a train to go home early today. Thank my boss for that one. But, I am not looking forward to scraping snow off my car at the parking lot and driving home among the "first time driving on snow" (this year?) morons who will never let me get home at a reasonable pace. Wish me well...


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