Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thai Spice restaurant

Our whole family, yes including the kids, went to a little storefront Thai place about 10 miles from our house for dinner last night. The wife got a great deal on a $15 certificate from the radio shopping show and it was going to expire soon. So, we decided to use it.

When we walked in the door the older 2 kids were immediately drawn to the big fish tank. They spent most of the visit there except when they were eating or going potty. We grabbed a booth and had our choice as there were only about 4 tables in use. We ordered a fried shrimp and vege appetizer for the kids to split as thier dinner and satay chicken for ourselves. The wife got Thai iced tea to drink.

The theme of our food for the night was definitely chicken with peanut sauce. The appetizer had 5 skewers of chicken, a bowl of peanut sauce for dipping and a small bowl of cucumber salad. The flavors were great, not too spicy and the salad was a nice finish to the flavors. The wife mentioned she liked the sauce not quite so thick and I agreed.

The dinners came out. The kids munched on tempura shrimp, pineapple and mushrooms leaving the onion rings for us. They were happy. The wife had a dish that came with rice and had brocoli and chicken with the same peanut sauce along with some other veges. She picked out the pickled baby corn and gave it to me. I had what was basically an iceberg salad with the ingredients of our appetizer tossed on top, chicken, peanut sauce, cucumber salad and all. While it wasn't new flavors it was a hearty portion and a tasty salad.

While we both liked the change of pace we were underwhelmed by the food and decided we probably would not go back.


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