Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Doing the holiday break

Today is my last day of both class and work for a while. I'm not going back to work until next Monday and not going back to class until mid-January. I hope it'll be relaxing...

I have started to enjoy myself a bit. I ate half a dozen Christmas cookies from the bucket a coworker brought in today. They were yummy and not worrying about carbs for a bit was very satisfying. I'm definitely going to stuff myself on Christmas Eve at my parents and then again on Christmas Day at our house. We're having brunch and everyone in the wife's and my families are invited. I think it will mostly be grandparents coming over though. Should be lots of yummy holiday-esque foods which I'm going to gobble up.

Best wishes to you all (my loyal reader?) and a joyous holiday season.


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